Friday, October 3, 2008

Adding the Office Primary Interop Assemblies as a Prerequisite in your ClickOnce installer

This Article stands for

  • How to include a visual studio specific prerequisite (KB908002) ?

  • FIX: Add-ins, smart documents, or smart tags that you create by using Microsoft Visual Studio do not run in Office.

  • How to Add office 2003 / 2007 PIA as prerequisite for the deployment of Office plug-in.

  • Office AddIn MSI Deployment - Issues with Prerequisites

Following are the steps.

  1. Download the prerequisite packages from rapidshare: download rar 

  2. Extract all to the %ProgramFiles%Microsoft SDKsWindowsv6.0ABootstrapperPackages

  3. It should create 3 folders KB908002, O2003PIA, and Office2007PIA inside packages folder.

  4. now restart your visual studio and check your deployment project prerequisites, and select dependencies you want to add.